Irwin Allen on the Titanic
Cinematographer Winton Hoch
John Saxon
Vitina Marcus and John Saxon
James Darren and Vitina Marcus
Attack Of The Barbarians
James and Robert with Irwin Allen
Sobey Martin and James Darren
Vitina Marcus, Sobey Martin, and James Darren
James Darren and Kevin Hagen
Arthur Batanides
James Darren and Vitina Marcus
Dee Hartford as Helen of Troy
John Saxon
James Darren and Irwin Allen
Lee Meriwether, James Darren and Robert Colbert
Kevin Hagen holding onto his head
Gary Haynes and Heather Young
Heather Young on Fox Lot
Irwin Allen and Michael Rennie
Light reading being taken with Lee Meriwether
Frank Griffin doing Lisa Gaye make-up
Sobey Martin, John Saxon and James Darren
Lee Meriwether
Whit Bissell