Double-Cross Friday 4th August 1972
Ghost Town Friday 25th August 1972
Framed Thursday 31st August 1972
Underground Thursday 7th September 1972
The Night of Thrombeldinbar Thursday 26th October 1973
Seven Little Indians Thursday 2nd November 1972
Sabotage Thursday 7th December 1972
Rescue Thursday 14th December 1972
The Inside Rail Thursday 25th January 1973
A Place Called Earth Thursday 22nd February 1973
Land of the Lost Thursday 1st March 1973
Pay the Piper Sunday 15th July 1973
Panic Sunday 29th July 1973
The Deadly Dart Sunday 5th August 1973
The Marionettes Sunday 26th August 1973
Graveyard of Fools Sunday 9th September 1973
British clipping
Gary Conway Japanese Clipping
British clipping
British clipping